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INKZALL™ marker black - 1 pc

INKZALL™ marker black - 1 pc
INKZALL™ markers - coloured - 4pc
INKZALL™ marker red - 1 pc
Inkzall Fine Tip Markers - 4 pcs
Chisel Point Marker
Inkzall Markers Black - 4 pcs
INKZALL Marker Blue - 1 pc
INKZALL Marker Green - 1 pc



INKZALL™ marker



  • Stays sharp, doesn't mushroom or push back under pressure.
  • Acrylic nib ideal for rough surfaces such as OSB and concrete.
  • Marker continues to write after 72+ hours of cap off time.
  • For use on concrete, wood, metal, plywood, OSB, plastic.
  • Can be used on wet, oily, dusty, rusty, with debris surfaces.
  • Quick dry time – reduced smearing markings on PVC, metal surfaces.
  • Thin body for use in restricted areas.
  • Helmet clip – can be clipped to the construction site cap, trousers, overalls.
  • Easy open cap for one hand operation.
  • Anti-Roll design - won't roll off surfaces.
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