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Cordless Outdoor Products

MILWAUKEE® has been providing performance-driven solutions to professional users for almost a century. Our heavy-duty professional gardening tools deliver power, speed, torque and durability required for diverse applications.


Commitment to cordless
Commitment to cordless
Commitment to cordless
At Milwaukee® we are developing outdoor power equipment solutions that avoid harmful emissions and reduce the noise pollution created by petrol tools in use. 23 x more carbon monoxide is emitted from a 2-stroke leaf blower than an average pickup truck. We are committed to producing cordless outdoor tools to improve our environment.
Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Find out what intelligent technologies go into every one of our outdoor tools, and how each one is engineered uniquely for optimal performance.



Our outdoor tools are optimised for the perfect combination of performance, portability and productivity for professionals in the landscaping and horticulture trade.



Coupled with our dual platform battery charger, our M12™ and M18™ systems provide maximum productivity on the job with over 200 solutions.*

Cordless Landscaping Tools

If you’re on the hunt for new landscaping tools, look no further than Milwaukee. Milwaukee has been providing performance-driven solutions to professional users for almost a century. We design heavy-duty professional gardening tools to get the job done better, faster, reliably and safely. We are on a mission to create a completely cordless jobsite with our M12™ and M18™ systems.

Are cordless, corded or petrol landscaping tools better? When selecting professional gardening tools, choosing the appropriate power supply is an important decision to make. Petrol tools can be quickly topped up and therefore allow for minimal downtime during use. You are not bound by requiring nearby plug sockets, giving you plenty of range. However, they are the noisiest types of landscaping tools available, can often be heavier and have higher running costs. Corded equipment will be better on emissions and can be used constantly, but they can be difficult to manoeuvre when plugged in. They do not offer the same freedom of movement and ease of use. Wires in the vicinity of your work provide an immediate safety risk that can be removed by cordless equipment. Batteries need time to charge and can therefore result in more downtime than petrol or corded tools. Purchasing extra batteries can counteract this, though. What are the benefits of cordless outdoor tools? A report from the Royal Horticultural Society in 2017 recommended reducing the use of petrol-powered landscaping tools in the face of climate change. Battery-powered gardening tools offer professionals a number of benefits over their alternatives. These include:

  • Reduced noise – work with greater discretion in noise-sensitive areas such as schools and hospitals. Releasing the trigger will kill noise far quicker than on petrol tools and you’ll have a reduced risk of noise-related health issues.
  • Low running costs – fluctuations in petrol prices make it difficult to predict the cost of running your tool. Electricity is cheaper than petrol and there is no need to leave the site to replenish the power in your equipment. Furthermore, you only use power when you pull the trigger.
  • No emissions at point of use – it is better for the user and for the environment as a whole. Some jobs may specify that low emissions are required and battery-powered tools can earn you consideration.
  • Low vibrations – there is a lower chance of sustaining an injury to your hand or arm through vibrations. The Health and Safety Executive estimates that nearly 2 million people are at risk of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) in the UK. Moving to battery power could reduce your risk.
  • Reduced maintenance – brushless motors have non-wearing parts. Milwaukee’s POWERSTATE™ brushless motors also reduce noise and cool more rapidly, delivering years of maintenance-free performance.
  • Easy storage – removes the possibility of fuel spillages and the hazards they can lead to. Furthermore, your fuel will not go stale when not in use. Which garden tools are cordless? Milwaukee offers a range of professional cordless garden tools designed to deliver the power, speed, torque and durability required for diverse applications. Innovation is at the heart of what we do and that has resulted in the development of the M12™ and M18™ cordless system of power tools.
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