As an electrician, you need high-quality tools that make the job easier. That's why we work directly with electricians to design and manufacture the tools you need to deliver your finest work. Sporting innovative features, the MILWAUKEE® range of tools for electricians will help you work safely and efficiently. We offer a range of different cable crimpers as well as soldering irons. The latter feature quick heat-up times, variable head-locking positions, and bright LED lights - exactly what you need to work efficiently in awkward or confined spaces. MILWAUKEE® Cordless Cable Cutters allow you to not only cut cables quickly and safely but also move around difficult spaces or across a job site without restriction. MILWAUKEE® also offer a variety of testing tools. With products ranging from Laser Distance Meters to Voltage Detectors, this range of tools for electricians lets you carry out measurements with the utmost precision and accuracy. The MILWAUKEE® range includes a selection of cordless electrician's power tools to streamline the process of setting up cabinets for housing electrical installations. Many of these feature patented MILWAUKEE® M18 FUEL™ technology, which offers you greater customisability, longer battery lifespan, and more power in a smaller package - all leading to increased productivity. Whether you're fairly new to the trade or are a seasoned electrician, having expertly crafted tools makes all the difference to your work. MILWAUKEE® products are made using high-quality materials, resulting in tools that not only perform better but also last longer - helping you get the most out of your investment. Browse our online collection of innovative and durable electrician tools today.


Electrical Trade Solutions

We work directly with electricians every day to produce the electrical tools you need to improve the way you work. From cordless tools to VDE screwdrivers, we have the power tools, hand tools and other electrician accessories to help you work safely and efficiently to complete the task at hand.

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