PACKOUT™ First Aid Kit XL DIN 13157

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Packout First Aid Kit XL

Packout First Aid Kit XL



PACKOUT™ First Aid Kit XL DIN 13157





  • Quickly identifiable during an emergency due to red coloured PACKOUT™ Organiser.
  • Part of the PACKOUT™modular storage system.
  • Constructed with impact resistant polymers for jobsite durability.
  • IP65 rated weather seal to keep out rain and jobsite debris.
  • The interior features 10 removable & mountable bins.
  • No-travel bins seals to prevent the bins contents from migrating between bins during transport.
  • DIN 13157:2021-11 compliant first aid kit.
  • Contents: (DIN 13157 2x PE bag, 1x Emergency blanket, 210 x 160 cm, 1x Bandage DIN 13142-A, 60 x 80 cm, 2x Eye compress, 1x Aluderm dressing small, 3x Aluderm dressings medium, 1x Aluderm dressing big, 3x Compress, 10 x 10 cm, 2x Elastic fixing tape 4m x 6cm, 2x Elastic fixing tape 4m x 8cm, 1x Fleece cloths, 200 x 300 mm 2x Medical single-use face mask Type IIR EN14683:2019 AC: 2019, 1x Söhngen adhesive plaster, 1x Fast wound dressing set DIN 13019-E, 10 x 6 cm, 1x Aluderm-aluplast plaster variety pack (Finger dressing, fingertip dressing, plaster strips, Aluminium-coated, elastic, sealed individually, 4x Moist cloth for cleaning uninjured skin, 2x Triangular bandage V SO RD DIN 13168-D, 1x Glove set (4 pieces), 1x Immediate cooling compress, 1x Scissors, 1x Manual), Additional content: 1x Eye wash; 1x Compression dressing, 2x Quick dressing, 2x Aluderm-aluplast plaster variety pack, 2x Salvequick sterile wound cleaner (5 wipes), 1x Tweezers, 1x Moist cloth for leaning uninjured skin (10 wipes), 1x Eye patch, 1x Cooling compress.
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