Metal Aviation Snips



Thumb and forefinger slots for increased comfort and less fatigue. Allows user to push through sheet metal with ease with less risk of cutting oneself.

Serrated cutting edges prevent slippage when cutting.

Less hand fatigue when cutting thicker materials. Design with compound leverage action.

Torsion spring opens jaws automatically during cutting for faster cutting action and less fatigue work.

Chrome plated rust protected forged blades for increased lifetime. Extra hardened to 65 HRC.

Made from forged alloy steel for best durability – Cr Steel.

One hand locking mechanism.

Flush slimline design for non-snagging in material.

Triple cutting direction identification – on the head, handle and by colour coded handle.

Ergonomic and durable overmoulded grips add comfort and last longer.

Aviation snips: For short, straight and shaped cuts. Ideal for narrow radius cuts and notch cuts.

Offset snips: For long continuous straight or curved cuts. 45° offset keeps users hand away from the cutting material.

Extra long aviation snips: For longer and straighter cuts in one go.

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Metal snips straight offset

  • Straight offset snips
  • Left offset snips
  • Right offset snips
  • Straight aviation snips
  • Left aviation snips
  • Right aviation snips
  • Long cut straight aviation snips
  • Long cut left aviation snips

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Product Specifications Straight offset snips
Metal snips straight offset
Left offset snips
Metal snips left offset
Right offset snips
Metal snips right offset
Straight aviation snips
Metal snips straight
Left aviation snips
Metal snips left
Right aviation snips
Metal snips right
Long cut straight aviation snips
Metal snips straight extra long
Long cut left aviation snips
Metal snips left extra long
Article Number 4822453248224512482245224822453048224510482245204822453748224538
Cutting direction Straight (yellow)Left (red)Right (green)Straight (yellow)Left (red)Right (green)Straight (yellow)Left (offset)
Edge length (mm) 3730303131317663
Max. cutting capacity aluminium (mm)
Max. cutting capacity stainless steel (mm)
Max. cutting capacity steel (mm)
Pack quantity 11111111
Total length (mm) 260260260260260260310290
Weight (g) 430430430430430430450450
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