M12™ sub compact stapler



Breakthrough performance limits user fatigue by eliminating the repetitive motion of hand tools

Ready to Fire Technology eliminates ramp-up time between each staple discharge

Bump fire and sequential fire operation allows the user to fire quickly and accurately

2000 staples fired with one 2.0 Ah battery pack

Fires standard T11 T50 and T140 10.6 mm staples from 6 to 14 mm

Dry-Fire lock out stops the stapler from being fired when empty

Compact length, height and width for easier access to compact spaces

Adjustable belt hook for user convenience

Flexible battery system: works with all MILWAUKEE® M12™ batteries

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M12 BST-202X

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Product Specifications M12 BST-202X
M12 BST-202X
M12 BST-0
M12 BST-0
Article Number 49334596354933459634
Battery pack capacity (Ah) 2.0No batteries supplied
Battery type Li-ionLi-ion
Cycle rate (min) 140140
Kit included 2 x M12 B2 Battery packs, C12 C Charger, HD Box
Magazine capacity 8989
No. of batteries supplied 20
Staple capacity 6 / 146 / 14
Staple strip Type 11 / 140, T50Type 11 / 140, T50
Staple strip length (mm) 6 - 146 - 14
Staple strip width (mm) 10.610.6
Supplied in HD BoxNo kitbox or bag supplied
Voltage (V) 1212
Weight with battery pack (EPTA) (kg) 1.6 (M12 B2)1.6 (M12 B2)
Sound power level measured (dB(A)) 87.7
Sound power level measured uncertainty (dB(A)) 3
Sound pressure level (Lpa)(dB(A)) 76.7
Sound pressure level uncertainty (dB(A)) 3
Vibration level (m/s²) 1.91
Vibration uncertainty (m/s²) 1.5
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