INKZALL™ liquid paint markers



Valve action marker.

Durable acrylic nib for the most demanding environmental conditions: surface temperature from -10° up to + 145°.

Marks on dark surfaces where traditional markers would not be easily visible.

Can be used on rough, dirty and greasy surfaces.

For use on concrete, black pipe, aluminium, PVC, steel & stainless steel, rubber and tyres.

10 seconds dry time.

Water and UV resistant markings.

Permanent markers. Markings last up to 6 months.

Metal barrel for construction site durability.

Xylene-free paint.

IMPORTANT: Shake the marker with the cap on. Remove the cap and carefully pump it up and down until ink flows into the nib.

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INKZALL™ liquid paint marker

  • Liquid Paint Marker - White
  • Liquid Paint Marker - Yellow
  • Liquid Paint Marker - Black

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Product Specifications Liquid Paint Marker - White
INKZALL™ liquid paint marker
Liquid Paint Marker - Yellow
INKZALL™ liquid paint marker
Liquid Paint Marker - Black
INKZALL™ liquid paint marker
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Colour WhiteYellowBlack
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