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Cover any length from 200 cm - 366 cm with laser etched measurements.

SHARPSITE™ vial technology improves the readability of the vial.

Reinforced internal components protect the level from damage or wear.

Precision milled measuring surface provides accuracy in all working positions.

Accurate to 0.029° (0.0005 ″/ in, 0.5 mm/ m) in normal and reverse position.

High contrast vial system is easy to clean and optimises visibility.

Full grip frame for improved ergonomics in transport & application.

Secure tool-removable stand offs.

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Expandable 200 cm - 366 cm

  • Expandable 200cm - 366cm Level - 1pc

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Product Specifications Expandable 200cm - 366cm Level - 1pc
Expandable 200 cm - 366 cm
Article Number 4932471355
Handles 2
Length (cm) 200 - 366
Magnetic No
Pack quantity 1
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