Carbide Burrs

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Burr TC Type B 6x10 - 1 pc



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Also available as a set:

Burrs TC 6 x 12.7mm set - 5 pc
Burrs TC 6 x 10mm set - 5 pc


  • According to DIN 8033.
  • Double cut toothing geometry ensures excellent material removal, low vibrations for easier handling and smaller swarfs.
  • Suitable for unhardened and hardened steel, cast iron and non ferrous metals (aluminium, brass, copper).
  • Includes: Types B ,C ,D, H, M.
  • Type B: End cut cylinder for top and side cutting.
  • Type C: Cylindrical ball nose for top and side cutting.
  • Type D: Ball for milling holes and creating concave cuts.
  • Type H: Flame for contouring.
  • Type M: Cone for angled edges and narrow contours.
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