Adjustable hole cutter


For cutting large diameter holes for air conditioning pipes, fans, downlights and ceiling speakers.

Dust collection shroud for 100% dust free work when overhead drilling.

Diameter is adjustable from 51 mm to 178 mm in 6.4 mm steps.

Laser marked preset diameters at 51 - 178 mm.

Suitable for use on drywall (max. 25 mm) and ceiling tile. Not suitable for OSB wood boards.

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Adjustable hole cutter

  • Adjustable Hole Cutter
  • QL Arbor 75 mm
  • Adjustable Hole Cutter Consumables

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Product Specifications Adjustable Hole Cutter
Adjustable hole cutter
QL Arbor 75 mm
QL arbor with ¼″ Hex reception. 75 mm long
Adjustable Hole Cutter Consumables
Replacement blade and pilot drill set (4pc...
Article Number 49560260493247955349560290
Contents Pilot drill, 2 blades, QL arbor and dust collection shroud1 x pilot drill bit, 2 x blades and 1 x allen key
Pack quantity 514
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