Adjustable hole cutter


For cutting large diameter holes for air conditioning pipes, fans, downlights and ceiling speakers.

Dust collection shroud for 100% dust free work when overhead drilling.

Diameter is adjustable from 51 mm to 178 mm in 6.4 mm steps.

Laser marked preset diameters at 51 - 178 mm.

Suitable for use on drywall (max. 25 mm) and ceiling tile. Not suitable for OSB wood boards.

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Adjustable hole cutter

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Product Specifications Adjustable Hole Cutter Adjustable hole cutter Arbor QL arbor with ¼″ Hex reception. 75 mm long Adjustable Hole Cutter Consumables Replacement blade and pilot drill set (4pc...
ArticleNumber 495602604828100049560290
Child article number EU 495602604828100049560290
Child article number UK No Power 495602604828100049560290
Child EAN Code EU 045242350261045242122622045242346370
Child EAN Code UK No Power 045242350261045242122622045242346370
Contents Pilot drill, 2 blades, QL arbor and dust collection shroud1 x pilot drill bit, 2 x blades and 1 x allen key
Pack quantity 514
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