Milwaukee® Hand Tool Lifetime Guarantee
Faulty Milwaukee® hand tools can be replaced or repaired free of charge under a lifetime guarantee should they break during normal usage due to material or manufacturing fault. This excludes hand tools without apparent fault, worn out but still functional, rusty, burnt, abused, modified, transformed, ground, welded, used for other purposes than the normal use, destroyed by neglect or intentionally.*
*Terms of the Milwaukee® Hand Tool Lifetime Guarantee
  • Lifetime Guarantee is granted by [NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE GUARANTOR]
  • Lifetime is defined as the period of time a tool can be expected to last under normal use and conditions.
  • Your dated proof of purchase or sales receipt must accompany all requests and claims under this guarantee coverage.
  • In order to assert the guarantee, you must inform the guarantor by e-mail at [email protected] (1) that a defect occurred in the hand tool (exact description of the defect); (2) at what time the defect occurred; (3) about the date of purchase proven by a copy of the sales receipt or another proof of purchase; (4) about the name of the seller (the company); (5) about the guarantee you are requesting (replacement or repair).
  • This guarantee is granted to the original retail purchaser only and may not be transferred or assigned to subsequent owners.
  • This guarantee is intended to cover Europe, UK, Middle East and Africa. You can contact your local Milwaukee® dealer by using the store locater available on our website using the following link: Store Locator or the Milwaukee® dealer from where you made the original purchase. Alternatively, you can contact Milwaukee® using the contact us page if you are unsure.
  • Your statutory consumer rights in case of product defects remain unaffected. These rights are not restricted by this guarantee and continue to be free of charge.
  • This guarantee excludes all Milwaukee® measuring devices.