M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ brushless presstool


New compact brushless motor in FORCE LOGIC™ press tools delivers up to 10% faster connections and 20% more runtime

FORCE LOGIC™ press indicator: provides visual confirmation of a quality connection

One hand operated tool for over head applications and working in narrow spaces

Most compact in-line design with 13% less weight for easy operation

Battery-tool communication: press operation doesn't start to prevent incomplete pressing in case of low charged battery. Pre-press battery check ensures enough charge to complete each press

FORCE LOGIC™ long life reliability: No press cycle limtation within the 3 year maintanance interval

Allows to press system related up to 108 mm metal pipes and 110 mm composite pipes

Universal jaw reception to fit most common jaws available on the market

REDLINK™ individual battery cell monitoring optimises tool run time and ensures long term pack durability

On board fuel gauge and LED light

REDLITHIUM™-ION battery pack provides superior pack construction, electronics and fade-free performance to deliver more run time and more work over pack life

Flexible battery system: works with all MILWAUKEE® M18™ batteries

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Range Spec

Product Specifications M18 BLHPT-202C M-SET M18 BLHPT-202C M-SET M18 BLHPT-202C V-SET M18 BLHPT-202C V-SET M18 BLHPT-202C TH-SET M18 BLHPT-202C TH-SET M18 BLHPT-202C U-SET M18 BLHPT-202C U-SET M18 BLHPT-202C M18 BLHPT-202C
ArticleNumber 4933451133, 49334511384933451134, 49334511394933451135, 49334511404933451136, 49334511414933451137, 4933451132
Battery pack capacity (Ah)
Battery type Li-ionLi-ionLi-ionLi-ionLi-ion
Kit included 2 x 2.0 Ah Battery packs, M12-18 C Charger, Kitbox2 x 2.0 Ah Battery packs, M12-18 C Charger, Kitbox2 x 2.0 Ah Battery packs, M12-18 C Charger, Kitbox2 x 2.0 Ah Battery packs, M12-18 C Charger, Kitbox2 x 2.0 Ah Battery packs, M12-18 C Charger, Kitbox
Max. press size in metal (mm) 108108108108108
Max. press size in plastic (mm) 110110110110110
No. of batteries supplied 22222
Pipe Diameter 15mm22mm28mm15mm22mm28mm16mm20mm32mm16mm20mm25mm12mm14mm15mm16mm18mm20mm22mm25mm26mm28mm32mm35mm40mm42mm50mm54mm60mm63mm
Pipe fittings brand Geberit: MapressVSH: XPressEurotubiRaccorderieRubinetterieSanha: NirosanPegler Yorkshire: XPressViegaComapIBPSanha: NirosanALBComapFrankisheHencoIPASanha: NirosanTiemmeALBUponor: Unipipe, AirpipeKann: Kann-thermWavin: Press-SystemFrankische: Alpex F50 ProfiDW Verbundrohr: MultituboIBP: >BACOME MTALBBrecianneComapDW Verbundrohr: MultituboEurotubiFrankisheFrankische: Alpex F50 ProfiGeberit: MapressGeberit: Mepla, Mepla ThermHencoIBPIBP: >B
Press cycles 40,00040,00040,00040,00040,000
Press force (kN) 3232323232
Standard equipment 3 x M-profile jaws (15/22/28 mm)3 x V-profile jaws (15/22/28 mm)3 x TH-profile jaws (16/20/32 mm)3 x U-profile jaws (16/20/25 mm)-
Supplied in KitboxKitboxKitboxKitboxKitbox
Voltage (V) 1818181818
Weight with battery pack (kg)
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