M18™ sewer inspection camera 36 m

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M18 SIC36

M18 SIC36



M18™ sewer inspection camera 36 m

Standard Equipment:
1x 100 mm skid, 1x 64 mm skid, 1x backpack strap


  • 25 mm 1080 p HD camera with pan zoom, allowing the user to zoom in on the entire picture
  • 12 LED’s for better illumination of drain pipes
  • 36 m long, 10 mm thick push rod for easier reach of longer runs but still flexible enough to run through 50 mm 90 degree bends
  • Fully enclosed reels for better mess containment
  • Rubber stand for putting reel on back
  • Back pack straps for easier transportation
  • Built-in sonde for easy locating: 512 Hz, 640 Hz, 33 kHz to be used with all common locators
  • ONE-KEY™ ensures tool tracking and security, which offers a cloud-based inventory management platform that supports both location tracking and theft prevention
  • Supplied with 1x 75 mm and 1x 100 mm skid
  • Built-in line trace for locating the push rod
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