Dedicated dust extraction for M18 FUEL™26 mm SDS-Plus hammers with AUTOPULSE™

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M18™ dedicated dust extraction for 26 mm SDS-Plus hammers with AUTOPULSE™

Standard Equipment:
Replacement brush rings


  • Designed to collect dust efficiently with automatic operation from the tools on/ off trigger switch
  • AUTOPULSE™ industry’s first on-board automatic filter cleaning mechanism for an on-tool dust extractor, which increases the air flow efficiency as well as the filter life time
  • The highly efficient HEPA filter collects 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns
  • Translucent dust box allows user to see the current level of dust inside as well as when the dust box is full
  • Dust box with vacuum port allows user to attach to large dust extractors to suction out dust from the box. Optimised to be used with AS 30 LAC 30 l dust extractor and DEK26 hose clip adapter (4931447295)
  • Exchangeable nozzles to adjust to the different drilling diameters. Supplied with 2 nozzle sizes 1x up to ⌀16 mm, 1x up to ⌀26 mm, which can be quickly switched thanks to the quick lock mechanism
  • Dust extraction aluminium tube is adjustable according to the size of the drill bit and length up to 210 mm depth
  • Adjustable depth gauge with easily and precisely adjustment buttons for accurate hole depths
  • Removable and switchable depth gauge, in case the user prefers the other side
  • Bright LED workspace illumination
  • Compatible with M18 FH, M18 FHX, M18 ONEFH and M18 ONEFHX hammers
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