SDS-Plus TCT core cutter arbors


Both SDS-Plus and Hex arbors include an allen key and require a pilot drill bit additionally.

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SDS-plus arbor

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Product Specifications SDS-Plus TCT Arbor 105 mm - 1 pc SDS-plus arbor SDS-Plus TCT Arbor 370 mm - 1 pc SDS-plus arbor SDS-Plus TCT Arbor 90 mm - 1 pc Hex arbor SDS-Plus TCT Pilot Drill Conical - 1 pc TCT pilot drill bit with conical shaft for...
ArticleNumber 4932399966493239996749323999684932399020
Diameter (mm) -10
Length (mm) 10537090100
Pack quantity 2221
Quantity 1111
Shank reception SDS-PlusSDS-Plus11 mm Hex
Total length (mm) 10537090100
Working length (mm) 100
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