Milwaukee®'s core strength accessories

Where we win

With its continuous new product flow and focus on key categories the Milwaukee® accessory range offers the most durable, innovative and best performing products in their class. From our high speed Holedozer to our unstoppable MX4 bits the Milwaukee® accessory core has simply no limits.


M2 drill bits

Fastest: New aggresive tip geometry with 3 chip breakers demolishes the concrete quicker and a tapered shoulder design minimises friction enabling the M2 drill bit to deliver faster drilling speed.


High Performance Bi-Metal Holesaws The Milwaukee® Hole Dozer™ is the jobsite workhorse that provides unstoppable durability through the most demanding applications.


High Performance Bi-Metal Holesaws

Cutting edge technology for maximum productivity.



With their advanced tooth geometry and bi-metal construction, the Milwaukee® Sawzall blades offer the best cutting performance and lifetime in difficult materials such as stainless steel.

MX4 carbide

The new MX4 carbide drill bits, designed for extended life, higher speed and precise drilling.



Metal drill bits HSS Ground – DIN 338

The Thunderweb design is characterised by a conical shaped web which gets thicker towards the back of the drill bit. The web is the internal core of the drill bits

Thunderweb flute form ejects hot chips rapidly

Dissipates heat better increasing life time


Made from proprietary steel and heat treated to control hardness, innovatively designed geometric shock absorption zone to extend life.


Shock Zone reduces stress at the tip resulting in less tip breakages

The combination of the Shock Zone design and special heat treatment absorbs impacts and allows the bit to flex with spring like action



One drill bit to drill multiple sizes in steel and plastic, with more accuracy and maximum durability.

Special tip and step geometry for jam-free performance

less risk of drill snagging when used with high speed cordless tools and also prevents deformation of the drilled material

Milwaukee® Powertools SDS-Plus MX4 and M2 drill bits

Milwaukee® introduces two new SDS-Plus drill bits: M2 optimised for speed and MX4 for a longer lifetime.

These provide the best performance when it comes to drilling into concrete with important improvements like the breaker points, variable flutes and rebar guards. All these features make them faster and more durable also when hitting rebar in concrete.