Hollowcore™ magnetic nut drivers


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Hollowcore™ unlimited depth in long bolts and threaded rod applications (patent pending).

Magnetic retention driver heads for secure fitment in fastening applications.

NEW TO WORLD universal driver head fits 4 x more fasteners - square, 12 point, 8 point, Hex.

Removes rusted and stripped bolts.

Colour coded ID markings allow for quick tool identification on jobsite.

Wrench ready Hex shanks deliver additional leverage.

Chrome plated for maximum durability.

Forged steel shanks provide longer life and more durability.

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Screwdriver Hex 5 mm

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Product Specifications Screwdriver Hex 5 mm - 1 pc Screwdriver Hex 5 mm Screwdriver Hex 5.5 mm - 1 pc Screwdriver Hex 5.5 mm Screwdriver Hex 6 mm - 1 pc Screwdriver Hex 6 mm Screwdriver Hex 7 mm - 1 pc Screwdriver Hex 7 mm Screwdriver Hex 8 mm - 1 pc Screwdriver Hex 8 mm Screwdriver Hex 10 mm - 1 pc Screwdriver Hex 10 mm Screwdriver Hex 13 mm - 1 pc Screwdriver Hex 13 mm Screwdriver Hex Set - 5 pcs Screwdriver Hex Set - 5 pcs
Article Number 4822253148222532482225334822253448222535482225364822253748229514
Colour code BlackBrownRedOrangeYellowBlueOrange
For anchor rod thread size M3M3.5M4M5M6M8
Pack quantity 11111115
Size (mm) 55.56781013
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