Combi-segment diamond cup wheels


All arounder in applications:

For quick grinding down of thick concrete layers.

For levelling of concrete, granite and natural stone surfaces.

For edge grinding applications e.g. grinding off high edges of concrete, granite, natural stone tiles.

For roughening prior to covering with a new layer of coating.

High quality diamonds and special soft bonding for low wear, especially in hard materials.

Large openings for better dust removal and segment cooling.

✔ Most suitable.

♦ Suitable - for intermittent use.

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Universal wheel for grinding and levelling applications. High stock removal

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Range Spec

Product Specifications DCWU 100 Universal wheel for grinding and levelling... DCWU 125 DCWU 125 DCWUT 125 Turbo type segment for levelling, edge gri... DCWS 125 PCD segment for removal of special substan...
Acrylic paint and coatings
Aerated and breeze concrete blocks
ArticleNumber 4932451185493245118649324511874932451188
Bore size (mm) 22.2322.2322.2322.23
Cup wheel height [mm] 21212118.5
Diameter (mm) 100125125125
Epoxy resin coatings and glues
Lime and sandstone blocks hard
Lime and sandstone blocks soft and abrasive
No. of segments 1620Turbo6
Pack quantity 1111
Segment height (mm) 5554 / 7
Thermoplastic protective paint, glue
Tile adhesive
Type DCWU 100DCWU 125DCWUT 125DCWS 125
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